About Us

Softopia Japan is a major IT hub of the Chubu region. It was established in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture in 1996. Located in the area where its center is "Softopia Japan Center," it develops, promotes, and invites the information industry and IT-related companies as the base to train highly skilled IT professionals. IAMAS, the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, aims to realize "Gifu Prefecture with good lives" where all fields such as industries, education, welfare, etc. have highly developed information technologies. Since its foundation as the information industry base inviting IT companies, it has become the IT base with approx. 150 companies including major companies, companies from other prefectures, local companies, venture companies, etc.

Center Building

Ogaki City Information Studio / Annex

  • 大垣市情報工房/アネックス画像
  • A building combining the Ogaki City Information Studio and Softopia Japan Annex. The Ogaki City Information Studio has conference rooms, halls, and the Exchange Salon where everyone feels free to learn IT. The Ogaki City Hall Service Center is where various certificates are issued such as family registers, address change notices, etc. The Annex on the 3rd and 4th floor has Technology Development Offices (office spaces) for IT-related companies.

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Dream Core

Workshop 24

  • ワークショップ24画像
  • This is a facility to support businesses and the daily lives of Softopia Japan involved parties, etc., 24 hours a day. In addition to the office area for IT companies to conduct research and development activities, it also has prefectural housing, Sopia Flats, private accommodation, Sopia Cabin, and stores such as restaurants.

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    Workshop 24 Contact Information
    Tel: +81-584-83-7001 Fax: +81-584-78-5500

(Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences)

The Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences is called IAMAS, and was established in 2001 as an educational research center to transmit a new culture and a training base of new creators in the information society, with its school philosophy as the integration of advanced technology and artistic creation.