Softopia Japan's Technology Development Office is an office space at Softopia Japan Center and Softopia Japan Annex designed for companies that conduct research and/or development of IT-related technologies such as software technologies, video and communication technologies using computers, etc. We offer office space in a variety of sizes on the 3rd floor to the 4th floor.


Overview of Annex (Opened in February 1998)

Location 4-35-10 Ono, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture
Eave Height Five stories above ground and one story below ground
Site Area 4,000.03m²
Building Area 1,999.82m²
Total Floor Area 9,293.52m²
Structure 27.85m
Parking Use the underground parking in Center Building

Technology Development Office Specifications

Ceiling Height 2.7m
Floor Load, etc. OA floor (Raised floor) = 100mm 300kg/m²
Electric Facility Single-phase 100V 100VA/m²
Telephone Facility Premises wiring (metal wiring - contracting with carriers such as NTT)
Telecommunications Facility Fiber optic (for external connection)
Air Conditioning Facility Individual air conditioning (packaged air conditioner)
Access Control IC card key system, operational for 24 hours
Hot Water Supply System Electric hot water supply system in the shared space on each floor

How to Start a Rental

Ideal Candidates

  • • Information industry & field
    • Research/development of software technology
    • Research/development of video, communication technologies, etc., using computers
    • Research, development, processing, or producing of high-definition video
    • Research/development of broadcasting and/or communication technology
    • Research/development of the latest products using information processing technologies
  • Other business related to IT-related fields
    • Cutting-edge technologies related to business, using IT-related technologies
    • Business based on the local communities, using IT-related technology
    • Business to support other businesses and/or human resources-related business for the information industry

*If you have any questions about the industry, please contact us.

Rental Period

  • The usage period of the facility (rental period) is within two years.
  • If you wish to continue the rental, the reapplication must be completed within 2 years for the renewal.

Usage fee, etc. (monthly fee, including tax)

Rental Fee for the Room 2,640 yen/m²
Utility Fee 650 yen/m²
(The utility fee is subject to change depending on the year.)
Electricity and Air Conditioning Actual costs are borne by you. The telephone line is available through the tenant companies' individual contract
Parking We will show you open monthly parking near the facility. One underground parking lot in Center Building costs 8,800 yen.
Remarks For the deposit, the rental room fee for three months is required when the rental starts.
At the end of using the facility, the cost of restoring the site to its original condition will be incurred.

*The digits for the size are rounded up after the decimal point.
*The utility fee is subject to change depending on the year.

How to Rent

Please call us or visit the facility once to have a meeting concerning the facility.

  • Application (by mail or hand)
  • Screening (applications
    will be screened/
    attendance not required)
  • Results Announcement (notification in writing)
  • Orientation Meeting (attendance required)
  • Rental Start

*The screening is completed by reviewing the contents written in the submitted application forms to use the tenant facilities (business performance report, business plan, etc.).
*Regarding the screening results: if you inquire about them, we will not be able to answer your inquiry. We kindly ask for your understanding.
*Application documents received will not be returned.
*The rental’s start date should be on the 1st of each month.

Inquiry and application destination

Please call us or visit the facility once to have a meeting concerning the facility.

■ Designated Manager:

ITOCHU Urban Community Group
  • Postal Code: 503-0006
  • 4-1-7 Kagano, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture
  • Tel: +81-584-77-1111
  • Fax: +81-584-77-1110
  • Office Hours: 8:30 - 21:30