Softopia Japan supports people and companies that challenges the future. Examples include providing support for offices to start businesses using information technology, sales channel expansion in Gifu Prefecture, establishing an educational branch for your staffs, relocating to Ogaki City.

Rental Office

  • センタービル画像

    Center Building
    Development Office

    Facility Overview
    Rental Office

    In Center Building, located in the center of the Softopia Japan area, we provide comfortable office spaces for IT-related companies.

  • 大垣市情報工房画像

    Ogaki City
    Information Studio

    Development Office

    Facility Overview
    Rental Office

    We provide comfortable office spaces for IT-related companies in Annex, which is combined with the Ogaki City Information Studio.

  • ドリームコア画像

    Dream Core
    Incubation Room

    Facility Overview
    Rental Office

    With our facilities to support corporate activities, we look forward to start-up ventures aiming to succeed as entrepreneurs in IT.

  • ワークショップ24画像

    Workshop 24
    Development Office

    Facility Overview
    Rental Office

    This is a rental office space for companies that research, develop or support IT-related technologies such as video and communication technologies using computer technology.

Softopia Japan
Rental Office Benefits

Tenant Company Support Center is set up in the center to support the tenant companies' businesses. There, the support advisors provide management consultation, introduction to experts, information on various funds and financial aids, and various support services such as business-matching and public relations promotion. In Ogaki city, where Softopia is located, there is a financial aid program for Softopia Japan tenant companies to support their business.


  • 各種研修セミナー画像
  • Various training events
    For those who are aiming to found a startup company, we hold workshops about management, sales channel development, finance, accounting, human resource development, etc., and support the company’s establishment.
  • 事業活動診断画像
  • Business diagnostics
    Experts visit regularly to diagnose business activities and provide advice. In addition, we provide weekly business consultations with our small and medium enterprise management consultants.
  • 各種補助金制度の案内画像
  • Guidance about various financial aid programs
    We will introduce financial aid programs provided by various organizations, such as the national government, Gifu Prefecture, Ogaki City, and Ogaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • ビジネスマッチング画像
  • Business Matching
    We provide business plan presentation and exhibition opportunities (financial aid for displaying in exhibitions and joint exhibition support) to support business collaboration, business activities, etc.
  • 広報PR画像
  • Public Relations (PR)
    We provide support for public relations activities by installing electronic billboards and posters to promote and introduce each company's products.

OKB Softopia Japan Fund
(The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.)

  • OKB大垣共立銀行
  • OKB Softopia Japan Fund
    To improve Softopia Japan's appeal and revitalize the region, we invested 300 million yen in companies expected to continue to develop and grow their businesses.

    *General business companies that have a rental history in the Softopia Japan facility or area, and are expected to develop and grow their businesses. In addtion,general business companies established by the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) graduates are eligible.


  • 入居企業サポートセンター画像
  • Support center for tenant companies
    The support center for tenant companies assists their business from various angles. This center has a permanently resident business support advisors. This is to meet the various needs according to each venture's growth stage, such as guidance on various financial aids, management consultations, and introduction to experts.
  • Foundation Support Room (Business Incubation Room)
    With its auxiliary facilities (shower room, meeting room, dream lounge, etc.) to support corporate activities, the Business Incubation Room is a facility for startup-level ventures aiming to succeed as entrepreneurs. In addition, small and medium enterprise management consultants provide individual consultations every Monday. Monthly rent is from 12,100 yen (excluding utility fees). That way, the clients can rent the place at a low price. Internet connection is available in all rooms.
    Business Incubation Room (in Dream Core)
  • Office for Rent (Technology Development Office)
    This is an ultramodern office room for a wide range of companies that conduct IT-related business, online shops, and temporary employee placement. The client can also attend skill improvement training, such as business manner courses and sales training.
    Technology Development Office (Photo: Center Building)


  • Sopia Flats (Gifu Prefecture special rental house)
    Sopia Flats, located on the Workshop 24 upper floor in the Softopia Japan area, is safe, secure, and comfortable for living. Free internet Service is also available in all rooms.
    Single household residency
    single and family residency
  • Sopia Cabin (Private accommodation)
    This accommodation is located on the 7th floor of Workshop 24. A reservation is required in advance. This is for the private use only, used by one group per day, and is appropriate for employee training and training camps, etc. In addition, at the Emergency Control Center located on the 2nd floor of Workshop 24, staff in charge is stationed 24 hours a day, so you can feel secure.
    Single Room (L Type)
    Single Room (M Type)
Carsharing Service
With the cooperation of Times 24 Co., Ltd., the Softopia Japan Center provides car-sharing services to support business activities of the tenant companies and reduce corporate expenses.

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