Designated Manager

Designated Management System

 This system was established as a replacement for the former commission management system, because of the partial amendment to the Local Autonomy Law in 2003, to effectively and efficiently respond to diversifying residents' needs to utilize private business operators' capabilities and knowledge by managing "public facilities" (cultural facilities, parks, sports facilities, etc.) and to attempt to improve public services to citizens and reduce expenses. Under the former commission management system, the management entity of "public facilities" was limited to public organizations such as corporations funded by the government, but under the designated management system, designated managers who manage "public facilities" need to be "corporations or other organizations" and there are no legal restrictions. With the vote on the assembly to be designated as designated managers, private companies and NPOs are now able to manage "public facilities."

About Designated Manager
- ITOCHU Urban Community Group:

Following the first term (in 2006 - 2008), the second term (2009 - 2011), the third term (in 2012 - 2014), the fourth term (in 2015 - 2019), starting from April first, 2020, ITOCHU Urban Community Group, a joint company consisting of five organizations (a building management company - Itochu Urban Co., Ltd., GLOBESHIP Corporation, a general convention company - Congress Corporation, Kawabo Textured Co., Ltd., Great Information Network Co., has been designated by Gifu Prefecture as the designated manager of Softopia Japan Center.

Softpia Japan Center and Prefectural Housing Sopia Flats Designated Manager: ITOCHU Urban Community Group
4-1-7 Kagano, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, 503-0006
Tel: +81-584-77-1111
Fax: +81-584-77-1110