Private Accommodation
- Sopia Cabin

Features of Sopia Flats

Sopia Cabin, a private accommodation on the 7th floor, is appropriate for employee training and training camps.
Sopia Cabin is a self-service accommodation, requiring an advanced reservation.
Please use this accommodation for the training of IT companies or schools.
(Please note that we may refuse your request if it does not conform to the Softopia Japan Center ordinances, enforcement regulations, etc.)

Facility Guide

Sopia Cabin is a private accommodation located on the 7th floor of Workshop 24.

  • 50 rooms (all single rooms)
  • Room types: 10 single rooms with a shower room and a bathroom (L type) and 40 shower shared-single rooms (M type)
  • The Japanese-style common room can be used for meetings and dining.
  • A reservation is required in advance and is private only.

L type /
Appropriate for Singles / 10 Rooms

  • Lタイプ
  • Shower room, toilet,
    free internet connection (wired/wireless LAN)
    bath towel, face towel, bathrobe, toothbrush, shaving razor, soap, shampoo

    1 night
    (1 room)
    1,880 yen(tax included)
    (separately, a reserved accommodation fee of 30,600 yen per night is required)

M type /
Appropriate for Singles / 40 Rooms

  • Lタイプ
  • A shower room and a bathroom: shared
    free internet connection (wired/wireless LAN)
    bath towel, face towel, bathrobe, toothbrush

    1 night
    (1 room)
    840 yen(tax included)
    (separately, a reserved accommodation fee of 30,600 yen per night is required) 

Common Room

  • 談話室画像
  • The common room of the shared use communication space for showers and toilets is equipped with a large LCD TV. You can completely relax.
    Smoking is allowed only in the smoking room at the back of the common space.

Shower Room

  • シャワー室画像
  • For the M type, there are shared shower rooms for men and women, respectively.
    Shampoo and body soap are available in the shower rooms.
    During your stay, you can use it as many times as you like.


  • コインランドリー画像
  • There is a laundromat next to the Sopia Cabin entrance. A dryer is also available.

Vending Machine Area

  • 自動販売機コーナー画像
  • There is a vending machine area for soft beverages and coffee next to the Sopia Cabin entrance. It operates 24 hours a day.

Japanese-Style Common Room

  • 和室談話室画像
  • Sopia Cabin has two Japanese-style common rooms (the size: 33 m²). You can use them at any time when you stay as a guest of the private accommodation.
    Please use it for meals and meetings.
    (Staying overnight in the common room is not allowed.)

User Guide

Contents of
the service
The exclusive accommodation area (inside the security) on the 7th floor is privately available.
Note: reservations are required in advance (see below). The private rental fee is 30,600 yen per night (tax included).
Note: depending on the number of used rooms, M type (40 rooms in total) or L type (10 rooms in total), the following costs for linen are required:
For M type, 840 yen for one room per night.
For L type, 1,880 yen for one room per night.
(Example) In case of using 25 M type rooms and 5 L type rooms:
30,600 yen + 840 yen x 25 rooms + 1,880 yen x 5 rooms = 61,000 yen
Available hours 15:00 - 10:00 on the following day
Security Doors for the exclusive area and guest rooms are managed with magnetic cards.
to accommodate
50 rooms (50 people)
(M Type) 40 single rooms (shower rooms: shared)
(L Type) 10 single rooms with a shower room and a bathroom
Support The 7th floor is for private use, so the staff does not stay there all the time, but the Information Center and the Emergency Control Center on the 2nd floor will support you.
Closing days December 29 (overnight) - January 3 (overnight)

How to Rent

Step 1
Please contact the Information Center to confirm the availability on the preferred date.
Please note that we may refuse your request if it does not conform to the ordinances, enforcement regulations, etc.
(There is an examination about the contents of use)
Step 2
submission of the application form
Please submit the application form within the business hours of the Information Center at least seven days before the date of use, as we will send you the application form by mail. (Office Hours: 8:00 - 18:00)
Outside of office hours, your application will be processed the next day.

Step 3
After examining the contents of use, we will send you a usage approval form.
Step 4
depositing the usage fee
Please pay the usage fee when it is time to check in.
In principle, you will be required to pay the usage fee before the date of use, but if you wish to make the payment after your stay, please separately submit the "application form for usage fee payment on credit."
(This is only for the users who have been approved by the designated manager)
For more information, please contact our accommodation representative.
Step 5
use the service
On the appointed day, please stop by the Information Center first. We will confirm the contents below and explain the terms of use.
  1. Name of your organization, name of the organizer/manager, contacts
  2. Names of all users
  3. Providing magnetic cards and user guides according to the number of users
  4. Checkout time

Contact Us

Workshop 24 Information Center
6-52-18 Imajuku, Ogaki City, 503-0807
Tel: +81-584-83-7001